Pak Hero Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2018 70CC 100CC 125CC with Specs Features New Model

Pak Hero Company is the newest company yet in the market. Pak Hero Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2018 of all types with specifications and detail here. The company has produced and launched one motorcycle so far which is of 70cc. it is expected that like other companies they will be releasing other bikes since the bike that they have released that is model Pak Hero PK 70 is going very well in the market. People are really getting to try this bike for their use. The bike has special settings and features like other companies’ bikes and they are quite liked by everyone. For all those people who are looking for the bike that deliver all in the fewer price rates should really consider getting the Pak hero 70cc bike.

Pak Hero Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2018 70CC 100CC 125CC with Specs Features New Model

Pak Hero Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2018 70CC 100CC 125CC with Specs Features New Model

Features of Pak Hero PK70:

  • This is one of the great bikes that are designed such that they can drive for 70 KM by using just1 liter this makes them quite fuel consumption economic. In the energy crisis that Pakistan faces this is one of the top priorities of everyone.
  • 9 liters of fuel capacity will be able to help you drive through at least 630KM in one refill.
  • 4stroke OHC single cylinder is powerful and will help you in better drive ability.
  • 4-speed permanent mesh transmission makes it a desirable bike so far.
  • 1800RPM speed of the bike is top speed which will give you an experience you had never before in 70cc bikes.
  • Back bone truss type makes this bike a very beautiful one.
Model Specifications Price
Pak Hero PK 70 70 KM with 1 liter 45,000PKR
9 liters
4stroke OHC single cylinder
4-speed permanent mesh transmission
1800RPM speed
Back bone truss type

 Now that you have gone through all the details of the bike that Pak hero has launched yet, it is for sure that you will wait for the new bikes that they yet have to release. Many of the companies give you similar specs in their 100 or 125 cc bikes while Pak hero has delivered it in 70cc which makes it a cost efficient and fuel economic bike which is the priority of every person that you don’t want to miss on any way.

Pak Hero bikes Prices in Pakistan mention latest models details in market. if you have any problem for getting information then write us in comments section below.

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