Ursus Tractor 2812 Price in Pakistan

Searching for a durable tractor that can fulfill all your requirements from farms to roads? Ursus tractor 2812 would be the best option for it. This powerful tractor machine is ready for sale in Pakistan at Ursus showrooms. This is a 2WD direct injection diesel power engine that can produce 50HP. Besides this, its powerful and gripping bigger tires and adjustable size is making this unit one of the best choices for the farmers in Pakistan. In this post, you are getting complete details including this Ursus Tractor 2812 Price in Pakistan, specifications, and performance. Now you can see Ursus Tractor 2812 Price in Pakistan complete details. Before you book your order we suggest you read out this complete page so that you can clearer your mindset if the tractor will be perfect or not.

Ursus Tractor 2812 Price in Pakistan

Ursus Tractor 2812 Price in PKR 6.5 Lakh

Ursus Tractor 2812 Price in Pakistan

This heavy-duty tractor is coming with a long wheelbase and an elegant bigger and cozy seat pan with adjustable suspension. It’s a power take-off truck that has 10 gears including 8 forward and 2 back gears. Moreover, you also get the live PTO under PTO shaft speed engine f 540/1788 rev per minute. The hydraulic function makes it more efficient for cargo usage as well as farming purposes. Mechanical steering provides better handling to drive confidently in slippery and muddy fields and farms. For lots of other features and specs of this truck, you can read out the following specification including Ursus Tractor 2812 Price in Pakistan.

Ursus Tractor 2812 Price in Pakistan Specification Parts Booking Pictures

Ursus Tractor 2812 Price in Pakistan

It is because the Ursus 2812 is upgraded from all its previous models. So that is why it is costly than the other Ursus tractor models in Pakistan. You can buy this truck in the price range between 7.5 to 8 lacs from the Ursus shops. Here I would like to highlight that you must buy any product from the original dealer so that you can buy a genuine product and can be safe from any type of fraud.

Ursus Tractor 2812

Ursus Tractor 2812 Specifications

Type URSUS 3250
Number of Cylinders 3
Injection Direct
Bore/Stroke 91.44/127 mm
Capacity 2502 cm³
Compression Ratio 165:1
Rated Engine Power at 2250 rev/min 50HP
Max Engine torque at 1790 173.5 Nm at 1300-1400 rev/min
Cooling System Water
Air Cleaner Two-Stage Oil Bath type with cyclone pre-cleaner
Battery 12V – 108 Ah
Alternator 12V – 44 A
Starter motor 12V – 2.2 kW
Type Dry, two-stage disc type
Gearbox Mechanical with sliding gears and reduction
Number of gears 8 forward / 2 rear
Rear Axle Final drive Gleason bevel gear
Differential lock Mechanical
1L        2L
3L        4L
1H        2H
3H        4H
2.25 km/h        3.29 km/h
4.50 km/h        6.04 km/h
8.98 km/h        13.17 km/h
17.99 km/h        24.15 km/h
1R        2R
3.06 km/h        12.23 km/h
Type Live PTO
PTO shaft speed/engine speed 540/1788 rev/min
PRO shaft diameter 35 mm
Number of splines 6
Functions Draft, position, response control
Standard Oil Flow 17 L/min
Nominal Presure in the quick coupling 19.2 Mpa
3-Point linkage Cat. II
Max. lift capacity 1330 kg
Type Mechanical
Main brake Dry, drum type brake independently operated
Parking brake Mechanical
Front 6.00 – 16 6PR
Rear 12.4 R28
Front 1350, 1500, 1800 mm
Rear 1350, 1372, 1502, 1652, 1782, 1806, 1936 mm
Length without/with front Draft, position, response control
Ballast weights 17 L/min
Height of silencers 19.2 Mpa
Width (1500 mm rear track) Cat. II
Wheelbase 1330 kg
Tractor ready to work without ballast weights 1670 kg
Fuel Tank 58L
Air Cleaner 0.5L
Engine sump 6.8L
Cooling system 10.2L
Transmission and hyd. 32L
Steering system 0.9L

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