NH Dabung 85 Tractor Price in Pakistan

NH Dabung 85 Tractor Price in Pakistan = 1107750

Al Ghazi Tractors Ltd. presenting the most powerful and the most commanding tractor in Pakistan with the name as NH Dabung 85 tractor. A powerful engine having tractor is grabbing the contentment of buyers. The best unit for the sugarcane haulage and commercial use tractor is coming with the manual level on right side of operator. It has a 4 stroke direct injection at flywheel 85HP diesel engine. Maximum torque and heavy duty displacement makes it able to easily balance and carrying the maximum 800 maund load in the tattered fields. Further about the NH Dabung 85 Tractor Price in Pakistan with specs and pics are laying down to this passage. So takes a looks down to this passage for it.

NH Dabung 85 Tractor Price in Pakistan

NH Dabung 85 Looks and Performance:

This heavy duty 2WD and 4WD tractor has aggressive looks. From the front side the manufacturers have loaded this truck with two iron balance equalizers which is a new technique in this model. Moreover its tires are bigger thicker and gripper with adjustable steering according to the height of driver. All manual transmissions are easy to manage and to regulate. Front lifting hood has three side access to engine for ease of maintenance. Single air exhauster on the frontal beam on front side and the blue high beam warning light on instrument panel is a key feature in this new model of NH Dabung 85 tractor including the NH Dabung 85 Tractor Price in Pakistan

NH Dabung 85 Tractor

Key features:

  • At Flywheel 85HP engine
  • Manual transmissions
  • High PTO 85 Horsepower
  • Adjustable power steering
  • Driver Seat is Adjustable
  • Hydraulics system
  • SG Axle tubes
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Power Take Off (DTO technology)
  • Disk Brakes
  • Oil Cooler
  • Halogen Headlights
  • Tachometer With Fuel Levels
  • Engine Heat Deflector
  • Driver’s Head Canopy
  • 4 Stroke Direct Injection
  • Diesel Engine

NH Dabung 85 Tractor Price in Pakistan Specification Features Fuel Consumption Booking

NH Dabung 85 Tractor Specifications

Engine Power:

At flywheel 85 HP





New Holland 8045.05

4-Stroke, direct injection diesel engine

Number of cylinder: 4

Bore and stroke: 104 x 115 mm

Piston Displacement: 3,908 cc

Flyweight type dynamic balancer.

Compression ratio: 17:1

Max. Power at 2,600 rpm: 85 HP

Max. Torque at 1,600 rpm: 29.7 kgm

Dry-type cylinder liners.

Cooling system: water

Exhaust Muffler: Vertical



Gearbox with constant-mesh gears:

8 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

Synchromesh on 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th speeds

Double control lever

Differential lock with pedal actuated and automatic

Gear Box mounted starter safety switch.



Dual plate, dry-type with separate controls (pedal

for transmission and hand lever for PTO),

Diameter of plates: 11 inch

Cera Metallic Clutch Plate.


Front: 7.50-16 Rear: 18.4/15-30


Fully upholstered, with parallelogram suspension,

Adjustable, foot step for ease


Lighting System:

3-position headlights; (parking, low & high beam).

Blue high beam warning light on instrument panel.

Adjustable head light mounted in the front grill,

Indicators, parking & hazard lights.


Electrical System:

12 Volt starting system, 4hp (3KW) starter motor.

400 Watts alternator, 108 ah battery. 7 pin

Connector for trolley. Cold Starting aid, Provision

for mobile charger and MP3.



Fuel tank: 65 l

Engine oil: 11.5 l

Hydraulic Transmission: 29 l

Rear Axle: 4 l at each side

Air Cleaner: 1 l

Power Steering: 2 l


Oil immersed disc brakes.

Parking: manual lever on right side of operator.

Front Axle:

Inverted U section, telescopic type, front weight 160kg.


Front (8 positions):

1.320 – 1,420 – 1,520 – 1,620

1,720 – 1,820 – 1,920 – 2,020 mm.

Rear (8 positions):

1,320 – 1,420 – 1,520 – 1,620

1,720 – 1,820 – 1,920 – 2,020 mm.


Hydrostatic power steering.

Minimum turning radius:

-with brakes: 3,600 mm

-without brakes: 4,400 mm

Power Take Off:

6 spline shaft – 35 mm dia / 1 – 3 8”

Fully independent: 540 rpm at 2,160 engine rpm

High-speed DTO (*) 35 mm dia / 1 – 3 8” same speed as engine.

(*) for application of high speed implements

Hydraulic Lift:

With draft and position control,

Draft control through top link.

Gear type pump driven from engine crankshaft.

Pump capacity (at 2,400 engine rpm). 26.7 l/min Relief valve opening pressure: 190kg/cm2

3-point linkage Cat I – II


(With 7.50-16 and 18.4/15-30 tyres) a) Wheelbase: 2,070 mm b) Overall length: 3,330 mm c) Height to top of hood: 1,402 mm d) Height to steering wheel: 1,675 mm

e) Front track (8 positions):

from 1,320 to 2,020 mm

f) Rear track (8 positions):

from 1,320 to 2,020 mm

g) Ground clearance under front axle:

500 mm

NH Dabung 85 Tractor Price in Pakistan = 1107750

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