Suzuki Celerio Replace Cultus Pakistan 2018 Launch Date Price Fuel Average New Model

Suzuki Celerio Replace Cultus Pakistan 2018 Launch Date Price Fuel Consumption Review New Model.Pak Suzuki spent the better part of last year regretting the fact that our industry is stagnant when compared to India’s automotive industry, which operates in a similar socioeconomic condition. State Bank of Pakistan also came out in support of our stance. The evidence is everywhere, as we’re stuck with the likes of Suzuki Mehran and Suzuki Cultus along with a few other cars, and PAMA’s consistent pressure tactics on the government to tilt the new auto policy in its favor.

Change is inevitable. With an increase in the use of internet, rise of social media, and increased presence of well-equipped imported cars on the roads, the automakers are forced to change or be known as evil corporations hell bent on ripping the consumers of Pakistani off.

Suzuki is going to do something new this year with Cultus but no body that they will total replaces Pak Suzuki in Cultus. This car has a shape that reduces air friction on it and let it move very fast in strong winds even. The design of this car is flawless and very attractive.

This is not it. Earlier this morning, the news of Pak Suzuki’s plan to introduce its high-end luxury sedan in Pakistan was published with a tentative launch within 6 months. Looks like the auto industry is finally shifting gears.

The Suzuki Celerio is built completely on a new platform and features a 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine which goes by the name of K10B. The new engine comes from the next generation of the award-winning K-series engine family called the K-Next series. The car is specially designed for city driving and is equipped with a one of its kind automated manual transmission.

Suzuki Cultus Automatic Price in Pakistan Launch Date New Model

Suzuki Celerio Replace Cultus Pakistan 2018 Launch Date Price New Model

The dynamics of the auto industry of Pakistan are changing for the better and we are hoping that the year 2018 would mark the revival of the local auto industry in the country.

Pak Suzuki is the largest car assembler in Pakistan. Suzuki Celerio Replace Cultus Pakistan Launch Date Price Fuel Average New Model. Most vehicles produced and sold by Pak Suzuki including the Mehran, Bolan, Ravi, Cultus and Swift are globally obsolete models sourced from Suzuki Japan that do not confirm to modern automotive safety or emission standards. No vehicle assembled by Pak Suzuki offers airbags to date.

The company’s best selling product Suzuki Mehran even lacks side vents for air conditioning and rear window defogger and the same model has been in production since 1988 with very minor cosmetic changes. Here we sharing the Pak Suzuki New Car replace Cultus in 2018.

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