JAC X200 Light Truck ready to launch in Pakistan

Ghandhara Nissan Pakistan is going to launch their latest model JAC X200 Light Truck. JAC Motors and Ghandara Nissan are the joint venture to import and assembly of their commercial vehicles in Pakistan, based in Karachi. JAC X200 is a neighborhood business truck and better than other commercial trucks. It is offered with a 2.8-liter Euro-I variation to a 2.0-liter Euro-V variation. The engine is mated to five-speed manual apparatuses or six-speed manual transmission. The JAC X200 gives the top speed of 115kmph to 125kmph. It is being offered with rear wheel drive system with the choice to switch between single and double rear wheel driver options. JAC X200 Light Truck will offer with the expected starting price rate at around Rs. 25 lacs.

JAC X200 Light Truck gets an unrivaled directing framework with little turning range of only 5.5 meters. There is also a plate brake for a superior driving background with front elements free suspension. It will come with large front screen with 2 large wheels and 4 small wheels. The four-star crash test design cabin is capable for the driver and passenger safety. The cabin body uses the high strength steel, JAC X200 has a premium look in interior side with enough space legroom. The front fascia has pretty impressive and the rear loading area can completely open.

JAC X200 Light Truck

Easy Loading Facilities

  • Ultra flat low deck offers superior deck clearance, load and unload goods easier and faster.
  • Deck clearance is 785mm, 30% lower than a light truck, saving 20% energy, 30% time for you.
  • X200 have JAC N-series truck DNA, Powerful engine and strong chassis.
  • X200 weighs 20% lighter than a light truck, saving more operation cost for the user.

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