How To Properly Wash Polish And Wax A Car by Hands

Here we are sharing details regarding How to Properly Wash Polish and Wax a Car by Hands. You might have notice that as you do start driving the car for quite a few months, it would start giving you out with the worst form of the paint color. This do damage the whole outlook and appearance of the car for sure.  And then after some time the dirt and grime build up and the car needs a wash. So this make you to grab the bucket and the sponge and toil away. After you get it all finished, you see streaks and mark all removed that would make you convinced much that the car will never look as shiny and vibrant as the first time you drove it.

How to Properly Wash Polish and Wax a Car by Hands

How To Properly Wash Polish And Wax A Car by Hands

The reason behind it is all about proper washing of the car. You have to follow a technique of pattern to wash and polish your car without a trip to a professional or purchasing expensive equipment. Let’s make you learn how is it possible!

Step No 1: You should always wash the car at the right time. Make sure that the paint should be cool when you start washing. This means that you should not be washing soon after driving and waiting until the day cools off. This is for the reason that otherwise the water will flash-dry and leave patches.

Step No 2: You should make the selection of the right equipment as well. You should alternate out with the sponge and trusty bucket first of all. You should have two buckets as one with soap and one with normal water to rinse the dirt off into. You also be getting hold on with the car-washing, microfiber mitt. You should also be having the brush that would let the tough and hard to reach angles to get as clean as everything else.

How To Properly Wash Polish at home

Step No 3: Now first of all start from the wheels of the car. You should make sure that you do finish your rims just as before using product on them. Chrome, aluminum, and standard clear-coating all of them requires with the different chemicals with different levels of abrasion.

Step No 4: Now you have to wash one panel to the next. The panel is included with the features of the hood, trunk, and body segments. You have to wash each one with soapy water and rinse them off completely.

So these have been few of the main and important tips that you do need to follow up when it comes to car washing and polishing by your own self help! Follow the guidelines carefully!

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