How to Get International Driving License in Pakistan

You can get the How to Get International Driving License in Pakistan. In Pakistan, everything and work have its own laws and needs. And as far as driving is concerned, it has its own rules and regulations for the people living in Pakistan. The Laws in Pakistan allow an adult above 18 years to have a driving license. It means that once they have their license they become eligible to drive cars on the roads of Pakistan. But there is a proper procedure to get an International License. People who are going to take the info about How to Get International Driving License in Pakistan now can read below the instructions.

How to Get International Driving License in Pakistan

Nobody knows How to Get International Driving License in Pakistan. Now, an international driving license is possible in Pakistan but the department decided on some requirements. Read below the all instructions from this page that are required for an international driving license.

Apply for a Driving License as a Learner:

Firstly, the person who wants to get a license must clear the driving test. No matter what vehicle it is, it requires a clarification of the test. Bike, cars, and even heavy vehicles have their own kind of assessment tests. Two methods are adopted, the first one is a written test and the second one is the practical driving test of an adult seeking to get a license. Once the test is cleared by the person, the license is given to the person and he enjoys his official rights to drive. But the license will hold the right as a learner for the few initial months.

To appear in the test, the applicant needs to apply with various documents at the nearby post office of the Traffic Police. The documents include:

  • The original Identity card of the citizen of Pakistan and its copy
  • A codebook of Traffic rules and Regulations
  • A Medical certificate is given by the medical practitioner
  • A ticket of 60 Rs. From any post office.

Required Documents for Permanent License:

To get the Permanent License, the individual had to take some other documents as well. They include:

  • Application form the file cover
  • Original learner permits of last 6 weeks
  • Three passport-size photo
  • Medical certificate
  • An attested copy of CNIC
  • Also, he must paste the mentioned fee ticket on the license document
  • He must have a slip of Rs 100 deposited in any branch of Habib Bank.

Required Documents for International License:

Similarly, if a citizen of Pakistan moves abroad or is planning to move abroad and needs an International Driving License, they must take the following documents along with them.

  • International Application form with file cover
  • A copy of a valid driving license which was issued before
  • An attested copy of C.N.I.C
  • Two attested passport-size photographs
  • Two copies of their Pakistani Passport
  • Their medical certificate is issued by a medical practitioner
  • A court fee ticket of RS 66.

All these documents are mandatory if a person is going to apply for an international driving license.

Processing Fee for the International Driving License:

The Fee structure to apply for the license is not so expensive. The procedure requires only two things

  • 66 Court Fee Ticket
  • 450 BANK Challan Fee

No other money or expenses are required to apply for a license.

How to Get International Driving License in Pakistan

Delivery Days:

It takes around five to six days in processing the international driving license. In some cases, when the documents are taking more time to be verified it may take more days. But normally six days are the actual days of processing.

Mode of Delivery:

Mostly if the person is not able to pick up the license from the Traffic Police office then the service of home delivery through the courier is also available. And this mode has even made it easier for people to receive their licenses on time.

Required Documents for Endorsement of a License:

If a person needs an endorsement of the driving license, then he needs to take the following documents along:

  • He must have an endorsement form
  • A copy of the medical certificate
  • A copy of your identity card as a Pakistani Citizen
  • Two attested passport-sized photographs
  • Original learner permits of the previous six months
  • Driving tickets as mentioned in the form
  • Also, take the original license along with them


In the above we have mentioned the complete details regarding How to Get International Driving License in Pakistan and people can read it before applying. A Citizen of Pakistan must follow the rules and regulations and must follow the required procedure to get a driving license. Most importantly he must keep in mind the required documents. And must try to take the attested documents along with him to avoid any hustle or problem while the issuing of the license is in progress.

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