How to Get International Driving License/Permit in Pakistan for abroad Jobs

International Driving License is the permission given to the native of the country to drive abroad and is also the acknowledgement of the fact that the person is eligible of driving. This license can be used in all those countries that support international drivers license to let the people to drive in their country. If you have it issued from the Pakistani government then this will be acceptable mostly in the countries where left hand driving pattern is valid.

How to Get International Driving License/Permit in Pakistan for abroad Jobs

How to Get International Driving License in Pakistan

How to get the International driving license:

In order to get the international driving from government of Pakistan these are some of the tips that you may follow:

  1. First of all you need to fill the form for applying for international driving license. You can access the form from here. You can download it and fill it.
  2. Passport size pictures are to be attached with the form for further reference.
  3. When you are applying for international driving license is it necessary that you add legal passport and valid visa copy too so that there is a proof that you are required to have this.
  4. Copy of your present local driving license and also that of your CNIC/NICOP will be required. This will ensure that you are prior driver and you have driving expertise. On the other hand it is the valid proof of you being registered in the system of traffic police.
  5. Your international driving license will not be valid to be used in Pakistan.
  6. You can be provided with two different types of driving licenses depending upon your prior license. The two categories are:
  7. Motorcycle license that is valid for bikes that weigh 11KG and have length not a bit larger than 125cm3
  8. For the motor vehicles that do not weigh more tan 3500KG and also do not have person capacity more than 8 people.

With all this information, you will be having your driving licenses processed in a week maximum and in some cases another day. So apply for your international driving license which is quite hassling free to get now. The traffic police department in Pakistan has gotten better, you will be able to get the driving license easily but you need to be vigilant yourself as just waiting won’t help. Traffic police is quite efficient in their activities to provide you ease.

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