Check Cars/Bikes Registration Number and Verification Online in Sindh and KPK

The most revenue generating agencies of Sindh and KPK are the Excise, Taxation and Narcotics department. Hence the management of most resources and their mobilization is under the supervision of this department. To purchase a vehicle or motorcycle in Sindh or KPK, one must first verify the vehicle information. This was once a tedious task, but not anymore as the Sindh and KPK government has now made it very easy by introducing online verification system.

Sindh verification system:

All the vehicles registered in Sindh are entered into the government database and is available for access by anyone with the vehicle number. This makes it quite simple for people to gather the necessary information about any vehicle.

The official website offers a very simplistic interface where a vehicle number may be entered into a specified space and a security check is also taken to make sure the applicant is human and is not any computer virus. The website then takes you to another where all the information of the car including registration number, name of vehicle, chassis number, engine number, information about the owner, any previous owners are mentioned that too in a matter of seconds. This could be particularly beneficial when buying a second hand car.

 Check Cars/Bikes Registration Number and Verification Online in Sindh and KPK

Check Vehicles Registration Number and Verification Online

  • For Online Vehicle Registration Checking in Sindh: Click Here

Online verification in KPK:

The Online verification for vehicles in KPK is much similar to Sindh but is handled by the Excise and Taxation Department. It was introduced quite late in KPK after it being initiated in both Punjab and Sindh. The webpage to verify vehicles also requires you to select the district in which the vehicle is registered as well as the year of registration. A disclaimer is also present just below the data form to aware people of the government’s policies regarding this system.

The online vehicle verification can be very helpful in any investigation involving vehicles such as accidents. An accident victim could be identified by identifying the car or a criminal could be caught in a hit and run case. These days Pakistan is under major terrorist’s attacks which mostly involve use of a vehicle to transport and precede their plans. This could be stopped by accounting for all the vehicles. Also most stolen cars are unregistered as their name plates are changed to disguise them from the police.

When buying a stolen car, a purchase could be avoided by verifying the vehicle first and reporting o authorities if the specific vehicle is not listed in the government database. This is a revolutionary system for the residents of Pakistan and is one of the many steps taken to simplify the access to information for the locals.

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