Changan Alsvin 2022 Price in Pakistan

Everyone knows the reputation of the Changan motors and performance so now the Changan Alsvin 2022 Price in Pakistan is going to release as well as the launch date of Changan motors is available and will introduce in this month so interested person can do the pre-booking. This company is working for many years in Pakistan while basically, this is china based company and they are doing the production for all the world. Changan motors are the 4th largest company in china while above 80 thousand workers are working under this organization and making the new model of vehicle. Now all models that have been introduced by this company that is Alsvin V3, V5, and V7 while the information of the people Alsvin 5 is the updated model of the Alsvin V3.

Changan Alsvin 2022 Price in Pakistan

Changan Alsvin prin Pakistan has announced officially and the interested buyers can check the price from this page. Now, Changan company is going to release the 1st generation of Alsvin with the lowest price as compared to another vehicle because if see the price of Honda and Toyota company so this is providing a new vehicle on cheap rate with multiple specifications that are not available by the other companies. The latest price of this vehicle is PKR 23 Lakh and will be available soon in the automobile market in Pakistan.

Comfort MT 2,199,000
Comfort DCT 2,449,000
LUMIERE 2,650,000

Changan Alsvin Car Price in Pakistan

Changan Alsvin Launch Date in Pakistan

When a company has declared the news of Changan’s new model since then people are excited about purchasing because they are providing an outstanding look. Now, this company is going to launch this vehicle in December 2020 after a few days they will available in every showroom of Changan. On the other hand, people can do the pre-booking.

Changan Alsvin Launch Date in Pakistan

Changan Alsvin Interior and Exterior Design

Before purchasing every person wants to see the room because when you buy an expensive vehicle then you expect that they will provide a great room and dashboard. So according to customer demand, Changan Alsvin gorgeous room with multiple features that is mention below the table, and people can see the Changan Alsvin Interior in the picture.

  • Fully Functional Steering
  • Cruise Control
  • Mapping System
  • High Base SPeaker
  • Power Window
  • Air Bag

Changan Alsvin Interior

Changan Alsvin Booking Date in Pakistan:

For the knowledge of the people who are interested in Changan Alsvin now they can book the car because now this is available in Pakistan and people can easily buy but till now they are limited because they are importing from china. After few days this company will make the organization in Pakistan and produce a car on the ground of Pakistan.

Changan Alsvin Booking Online

Many of the dealers are book the car but they are taking a much profit but now people can do the book an online car from the official page of Changan Alsvin. After open the page you will give all the details who demand by the company. After giving all the details you will click on submit option and your vehicle will book.

Changan Alsvin Car Colours

Changan Alsvin is car colors exist but till now red and blue are shoring on roads. Further when you book the car then showroom members give the complete opportunity to the customers and you can select the color.

Changan Alsvin Specifications

All the specification of the Changan Alsvin is mention in below the table and people can read before buy.

Engine type – Number of cylinders Inline 4
Fuel type Petrol
Fuel System EFI
Lubrication Wet sump
Coolant Water
Engine Alignment Transverse
Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity 1499 cm3
Bore x Stroke 75.00 x 84.80 mm
2.95 x 3.31 inches
Number of valves 16 Valves
Transmission Gearbox – Number of speeds 4 Speed Automatic

For the knowledge of the people, all information about the Changan Alsvin motors describes in complete detail. On the other hand, a bundle of the different models of car is using the people and enjoy a comfortable drive. So now in the competition of the Toyota Yaris and Honda Motors, they have launched the Changan Alsvin car. But we can say this is more gorgeous as compared to competitors’ cars.  Further, you can gather info about Changan Alsvin 2022 Price in Pakistan Launch Date and will wait for a few days.

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