Kawasaki GTO 125 Price in Pakistan 2023

Now, the latest model of Kawasaki 125 launched in Pakistan and people ask about Kawasaki GTO 125 Price in Pakistan 2023. Kawasaki motorcycles are manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle and Engine. They launched their first motorcycle in the year 1963. Initially, it was not given so much importance. They were sent to the U.S for the test but were rejected. The company made improvements and then years later start to manufacture and export some moderate and good quality motorcycles. Since the year 1968, the sales of the bikes manufactured by Kawasaki is increasing day by day. The company is doing good business through its bikes.

Kawasaki GTO 125 Price in Pakistan 2023

The price of the bike is set while keeping the affordable range of the people living in Pakistan. The Kawasaki GTO 125 Price in Pakistan 2023 is around 140,000 PKR. The price is quite convenient for the customers. They can easily afford a bike of such range.

Kawasaki GTO 125 Price in PKR 140,000 PKR

Kawasaki GTO 125 Price in Pakistan 2023

Kawasaki GTO 125  Specifications

  • The engine of the bike has a displacement of 124 Cc.
  • The engine type of the bike is single-cylinder and two-stroke.
  • Its maximum power is 17 HP@8000 RPM.
  • Its maximum torque is 18 NM @7500 RPM.
  • The ground clearance of the bike is 150mm.
  • The bore and stroke ratio of the bike is 55.0 x 51.8 mm.
  • The weight of the bike is 95kg.
  • The compression ratio of the engine is 7.2:1.

Kawasaki GTO 125 Fuel Average:

  • The fuel type of the bike is petrol
  • The petrol holding capacity of the bike is 13.5 Liters.
  • The fuel average of the bike is 45.0 KM/L. This average of the bike is really exceptional and it shows good performance. It is really admired by many riders and the riders are giving good reviews of the bike.

Kawasaki GTO 125 Brakes and Tyres

  • The front tyre of the bike is 2.75-2.75.
  • The back tyre of the bike is 3.00-18.
  • The front and back wheels are both 17 inches and are made up of alloys.

Kawasaki GTO 125 Dimensions

  • The length of the bike is 1925 mm.
  • The width of the bike is 745 mm.
  • The height of the bike is 1060 mm.

Well, even after many years, Kawasaki is one of the fastest bikes in Pakistan. It is a two-stroke motorcycle with exceptional acceleration and average speed. It has a brilliant 5-speed transmission and is considered one of the cracking motorcycles of the company. The top speed of the bike is near about 144 km/h (89.5 mph). And the bike just needs 9 seconds for its acceleration to reach 0 to 100 km/h.

Kawasaki GTO 125 Features

The bike has some other amazing features as well. They are mentioned as follows:

  • The bike has an air cooling system.
  • The fuel system has a carburetor type.
  • The bike has a five-speed gearbox.
  • The frame of the bike is made up of steel.
  • The bike is a Kickstarter.

While some of the features that are present in some other bikes with the same kind of engine are not included in the 125 models of Kawasaki. They are also mentioned below:

  • It has no anti-lock braking system
  • It has no anti-theft lock
  • It has no heating lights
  • The bike also does not have LED lights,
  • There are no disc brakes or top cases.
  • The bike has no electro starter.
  • The bike has no windshield.
  • The bike has a side stand sensor.

The features are missing in the bike due to certain reasons as the manufacturers have added some other amazing alternate features in the model which are also letting the bike be in among the top-ranked bikes.

Kawasaki GTO 125 Colors:

The bike comes in two amazing colors and they are red and black. Most bike manufacturing companies prefer these colors just because they add grace to the bike’s style and frame. Red and Black both have their own kind of class.

When we talk about bikes, Kawasaki bike GTO 125 is really doing good business these days. People are loving the ride this bike. The bike has shown good average values of its performance. The fuel capacity of the bike is also very nice. This is complete info about Kawasaki GTO 125 Price in Pakistan 2023.

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