Asia Hero Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2023

These bikes are being used in Pakistan for a long time. Asia Hero Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2023 for 70cc, 100cc, 110cc, and 125cc latest models with specification and shape features detail is available here. Asia hero is a rising company that has tried to formulate bikes for the use of people such that they are completely fulfilling and have all the properties that any other bike may have. For the company, other developed industrial companies were great competition and with their quality and determination, they have really overcome it.

Asia Hero Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2023

Till now, the Asia hero company has introduced just only two models in Pakistan while first model’s engine capacity is 70cc while the 2nd bike model’s engine capacity is 125cc. Moreover, the price of both bikes is going to be mentioned below as well we have gathered this price through different sources.

Asia Hero Deluxe 700cc 50,000 PKR
Asia Hero 125cc 120,000 PKR

These were two of the models of this company with prices.

Asia Hero 70cc Bikes:

  • Asia Hero CDI 70 with a petrol capacity of 10L unlike other companies’ bikes of 70cc this is one of the greatest ones. The price of this bike is really economical which includes the 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder Engine, and also has the transmission of 4 speed in it. This bike is a complete beauty with all its powerful features and excellent outlook for a 70cc bike.
  • Asia Hero Deluxe kick-starter system packed with the 4 Stroke and Single Cylinder Engine of 70cc gives us a bike that is quite a valuable one when it comes to price. This bike is worthy of its price and without a doubt one of the best ones that you might have used. The bike is newly designed so as to have all-new technology fitted to it.

Asia Hero Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2020 New Model 70CC 100CC 125CC with Specs Features

Asia Hero 125cc bikes:

  • Asia Hero 125cc Self Start is the bike installed and made better with a self-start system which makes it a bike that gives you a feel just like that of a heavy bike. Its price in the market is mentioned above. which is just perfect for what it has to offer. The bike has a 4 Stroke, Air Cooled Single Cylinder engine, and a 5-speed transmission which when combined together gives you the top bikes of all time.

Asia hero is a great bike manufacturing company that has taken care of all the nooks and crooks of the bikes and has made them perfect for the use of consumers on all levels. Asia Hero Bikes Prices in Pakistan 2023 have increased this year.

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