Cafe Racer Bike Price in Pakistan 2022

To all bike lovers, we have this interesting content for you. It is about this Cafe Racer bike price in Pakistan 2022. Though this is an expensive bike, investing in such a model is always worthy enough. This bike is roaming all over the streets of Pakistan. Giving you an impressive figure, it is seen that around and about 2.5 million motorcycles are right now on the road of Pakistan. So, let us all check out Cafe Racer bike specs and price details.

Cafe Racer Bike Price in Pakistan 2022

It is in between the price range of Rs 2 lakh to 3 Lakh that you can get your hands on this Cafe Racer bike. This bike is available in the CB750s model. Furthermore, this is a motor sportbike that is much loved by Pakistanis.

Price of Cafe Racer 2022 in Pakistan


Specs and Features of Cafe Racer 2022

  • The overall look of this Cafe Racer is absolutely amazing and impressive enough. In addition, exquisite and immense attention to detail is given while manufacturing this bike. We have come to this point that this reviewed bike is the name of speed, style bravery.
  • You must have known about the fact that the Cafe Racer culture is marked and identified as one of the most influential and amazing movements in the history of motorcycling. This is the new as well as unedited model that has arrived in the market.
  • Most importantly, the headlights of this Cafe Racer come with a glass lens as well as DRL. It is injected with these LED turn indicators. This whole model has taken inspiration from the 125 GP Desmo.
  • Beyond, this bike is surrounded by these Pirelli DIABLO™ ROSSO III tires. It consists of 120/70 ZR 17 tyres on the front. And then we have 180/55 ZR 17 tyres on the rear!

More Specs of Cafe Racer 2022 in Pakistan

  • This bike is available in 60’s racing style and is surrounded by the element of bar-end mirrors. Moreover, it has a new, sleek, and dedicated-looking blue seat. This seat is accompanied by a passenger cover as well.
  • It comprises and consists of Ducati Multimedia System ready. There is a new and selected gear indicator installed in it. Keep in mind that this indicator shows fuel level consumption. In the same way, the Cafe Racer bike is infused with new handlebar switch controls. It is embedded with a hydraulic clutch control ad well as an adjustable lever.
  • It shows a displacement of 803 Cc and its bore and stroke is 88 x 66 mm. The compression ratio given by this Cafe Racer bike is 11:1. Its power range is 73 hp (54 kW) 8250 rpm/min and torque tendency is 49 lb-ft (67 Nm) @ 5750 rpm.
  • It runs on an electronic fuel injection mechanism and is composed of a 50 mm throttle body. This same bike has a stainless-steel muffler and is inducted with a catalytic converter and aluminum tailpipes

This is the complete info about Cafe Racer Bike Price in Pakistan 2022, as well as specification and features of this bike, is mentioned above the content.

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