660cc Cars in Pakistan Price Specs New Model Shapes Pics

660cc cars in Pakistan new models price specs shapes and their pictures details is here  .There are several manufactures in Pakistan like Honda, Audi, Toyota, Suzuki, and Daihatsu that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes fuel saving 660cc and luxury vehicles.  Due to raising the prices of fuel the demand of Japanese cars with engine capacity 660cc CNG has been increased.

Daihatsu Mira 660cc:

Price in Pakistan is PKR 1,055,000/-

 Daihatsu Mira 660cc is the economic kei car manufactured by the Daihatsu. It comes with a variety of options and variations. It has the latest exterior, interior, and safety features.  Daihatsu comes with 660cc KF and DHOC 3 cylinders 12 valves engine.  It gives the impressive fuel mileage efficiency.

Upcoming 660cc Cars in Pakistan Price Specs Features Shapes Pics

Suzuki Alto 660cc:

Price in Pakistan is PKR 737,000/-

Suzuki Alto is one of the most popular 660cc cars in Pakistan.  Suzuki Alto has the front engine; front wheel drive has the 3 cylinder engine. It has more than the 25 km/l fuel mileage economy. Suzuki Alto 660cc model has the impressive headlights, and new shape design. It is available in 12 different attractive colors.

Most Popular Imported Japanese Cars in Pakistan

660cc Cars in Pakistan Prices  Specs new Model Shapes Pics

Daihatsu Cuore:

Average Price in Pakistan is PKR 747,000/-

Daihatsu Cuore is also manufactured by the Daihatsu. The new model Daihatsu Cuore is very good quality and style along with very low price. It has a stylish and attractive body with cutting edge features. Cuore has a 3 cylinder engine along with 5 speed manual transmission. It can give up to 30 KW/55oo rpm output and a maximum torque of 65N.m. it engine power capacity is 660cc. its performance is very good and it has a powerful engine that makes it produce good performance and mileage.

Upcoming 660cc Cars in Pakistan Price Specs Features Shapes Pics

Nissan Moco:

Price in Pakistan is PKR 1,557,000/-

 Nissan Moco is the Nissan 660cc cars in Pakistan.  It is 660cc, kei car manufactured by the Nissan. It is equipped with the 660cc (officaly 658cc) engine that creates 60 hp @ 600 RPM. Nissan Moco comes with the 4-speed automatic transmission. The engine of Nissan Moco gives the great performance with the impressive fuel mileage. It has the latest features and new technology.

Nissan Moco 660cc Price in Pakistan Features Specs Mileage Reviews Pics

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