Best Selling Imported Cars in Pakistan

Pakistani automobile market has engaged with imported cars these days. The very affordable price and variety of specs under a handsome mileage is attaining the interest of the buyers. Now we have a range from 600cc imported cars to the hybrid imported cars which we can buy according to our budget and demand. But, from these bunch of smuggled vehicle, we mostly seen some specific units on the roads. It is because these are the best selling imported cars in Pakistan. Any car attain a Top selling car when it is more reliable, affordable, variety of specs and of course the fuel friendly. From the below side of this passage I have a list of top and the Best Selling Imported Cars in Pakistan with price and features.

Best Selling Imported Cars in Pakistan

Best Selling Imported Cars in Pakistan

Toyota Vitz

Over the years, Toyota has been a one of the most trustworthy auto giant in Pakistan. Although it’s a Japanese multinational vehicles manufacturer but Pakistan is importing their best products from many of the years. Toyota Vitz is one of the best selling imported car in Pakistan we have. This car is also known as Toyota Yaris Hybrid. It’s a 1496cc hatchback car which can produce maximum output 54KW (74 PS @ 4800 RPM). With a 13.4 compression ration car has 36 liters petrol tank. Car is totally automatic equipped with all power features and drivetrains. After just a 2 months of launch each of the third person is having this car and we have seen many units moving on the roads all over the Pakistan.

Toyota Aqua

After the Yaris, the number of Aqua comes on the top of the list. The imported cars buyers are also showing their interest for buying this car and we have lots of units around us. It is a best fuel economical 1500cc two wheels deive (2WD) car. It provide 22 to 26 KM per liter average petrol consumption inside the city which is a handsome backup of being an imported car. With 6 speed automatic transmission car has an awesome performance with its exterior and comfortable and wider interior. This is also an automatic featured car with power steering, power windows and DOHC 16 Valves engine under the 114 NM of torque @ 4000 RPM.

Honda Vezel Hybrid

Toyota and Honda are always in the same line of competition. No one is behind from each other. Where the Toyota has the best car venders in Pakistan, there the Honda is not even a step behind to that. There are lots of imported cars by Honda Company but the Vezel has made its place among the best selling imported car in Pakistan. This is a 1496cc midsize SUV with hatchback door. Its EFI with hybrid engine can produce 131 horse power under 129 NM or torque @ 3000 RPM. Vezel has a CVT 7 speeds dual clutch automatic transmission with all power features and details.

Suzuki Wagon R

Karimun wagon-R VX is a one of the Best Selling Imported Cars in Pakistan. With its compact shape, hatchback door, fuel economies and low budget range, this car has won the hearts of Pakistani community especially for females. With 5 manual transmissions car has maximum speed 120 KM PH. It gives the mileage from 20 to 22 KM per liters inside the city while it gives good petrol and CNG backup on long drives. If your car budget is under 10 lac then it will be yours smart choice when you are going to have a smart car.

Suzuki Alto

Latest model of Suzuki Alto is going on its hype of sale in Pakistan. It’s a Japan import manual hatchback vehicle with all new design, shape, specs and features. It is a 600cc car with 5 manual transmissions and 5 doors including the rear hatchback for cargo purpose. It is a perfect small family car which has been in the line of Best Selling Imported Cars in Pakistan. We have seen numbers of units around the roads in charming colors. Especially its latest

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