WiFi Rickshaw Price in Pakistan New Design Free Wifi Hotspots to Public

The famous cellular company Ufone is now introducing the new rickshaw in Pakistan, WiFi rickshaw. This silver colored, oval shaped and somewhat like a conventional Rickshaw, an innovative form of vehicle, has been spotted by many in Lahore. WiFi and GSM Service will available in these rickshaws. The company intends to introduce it in largest city of Pakistan Karachi.

WiFi Rickshaw with free WiFi and GPS Service

WiFi Rickshaw with free WiFi and GPS Service

The idea of replacing the old blue & green rickshaws is part of a marketing campaign to promote Ufone’s mobile internet service. The GSM service company has trying to promote internet service through creative collaboration with talent agencies. The WiFi rickshaw is assembled by the Ascend Engineering In Mansoora, Lahore and brainchild of “Brand Active”.

WiFi Rickshaw parked in Engineering compound WiFi Rickshaw parked in Ascend Engineering compound Ready to Launch

According to Brad Active the new rickshaw are smart and fully equipped vehicles. In this rickshaw Ufone will provide free WiFi and 3G connections to passengers. The new rickshaws are parked at engineering compound and ready to launch as Ufone calls for launch. Soon the passengers will get the benefits of this WiFi rickshaw service, when it will be launched in regularly.

Ufone is very famous for its unique advertising method and techniques so it is expecting that this service will grow rapidly. Ufone is advertising to promote WiFi rickshaw in Pakistan, which is very first service of its kind in Pakistan. Ufone has pulled off some of best marketing campaigns seen on television, billboards, radio and many other media platforms. WiFi Rickshaw Price in Pakistan yet not announced.

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