Super Power Electric Cars Launch Soon in Pakistan

Super Power Pakistan is decided to introduce the mini electric car in May 2017 in Pakistan. The China Company is growing much faster in the coming years in electric car market. Electric cars are the much better chances in Pakistan to penetrate the Pakistan market.  The Super Power E-car is offered in two-door and four-door variants. More expected that it will come with a four-seater, automatic gear, AC, power windows and sunroof. The E-cars are maintenance free and will be a very smart car in Pakistani market. These cars are not equipped with physically engine like any other traditional cars.

Super Power Electric Cars

Super Power electric cars are not required any petrol or CNG. These cars have 12 volts battery and can be charged in homes like an inverter. The E-cars give the top speed of 50kmh and would need to be charged for seven hours to travel a distance of 120kms. The compact cars can boast a cost-efficient fuel mileage of Rs1 for a km.

Super Power Electric Cars

N.J Auto Industries Marketing Executive Abdul Muqsit said, People from all age groups can drive this car. Apart from that the annual electric car sales in China have crossed 400,000. It will be a big achievement that the China government is targeting five million vehicles on its roads by 2020. While the Pakistani industry is now once again targeting 500,000 unit sales per year, now the local auto industry has been interested in electric car projects. The sales of automobile in Pakistan have touched 283,000 units including used imports.

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