Chinese Manufacturer JAC & Nissan Light Truck X200 Launch Soon in Pakistan

Ghandara Nissan Limited and JAC Motors are the joint venture to import & assembly of their commercial vehicles. Nissan and JAC Motors are planning to launch their exclusive light truck X200 in Pakistan. Ghandhara Nissan is a local automobile manufacturer based in Port Qasim, Karachi while the JAC Motors is a most popular car maker company of China. JAC Motors is also known as Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp LTD. Local Ghandara Nissan Limited has a technical agreement with Nissan Motor Co, Japan.

JAC & Nissan Light Truck X200 Launch Soon

The X200-light truck is equipped with some noticeable and major design language. It has two large front wheels and 4 smaller rear wheels with a large front screen which make more perfect vehicle to carry heavy load. The X200-light truck has premium interior look with ample amount of space and legroom. It is equipped with complete frame with using New Chassis stamping and welding treatment. The X200-light truck gets a four-star crash test design cabin for the driver and passenger’s safety. It comes with rear wheel drive system with the choice to switch between single and double rear wheel driver options.

JAC & Nissan Light Truck X200 Launch Soon

The light-truck is being powered with a 2.8L engine. The X200 is offered in Euro I, II, III and IV specifications. The truck has five or six-speed manual transmission system. The light-truck X200 gives the maximum speed of 115kmph to 125kmph. The steering system of the truck and turning radius are smaller than 5.5 meters. Independent suspension and a disc brake are providing the better driving experience. The deck clearance of the truck is 785mm and it can spare 20 percent vitality and 30 percent time for you. More expected the starting price rate at around Rs. 25 lacs.

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    Oct 11. 2017

    Kindly send me brochure & specifications of this truck.

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    Apr 18. 2018

    Jac x200 price in pakistab…….???

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