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Maximus HID Price in Pakistan

Maximus HID Price in Pakistan is PKR 1750 To 3500/-

Maximus is named as one of the well known and well established companies founded in the year 2003. This company is market known by the name of Maximus Auto Group. This company is popularly known as the leader of auto protection that has been all backed with the trusted products and well equipped level of the services as well. They have the high coverage of the knowledgeable staff involvement that is considerate and professional as well. You will be finding them complete involved in fulfilling the dynamic needs of the customers. In simple, we would make it known as the national administrator and product service provider in the coverage of the automobile dealerships.  They are best in terms of understanding and so as appreciating with the quality services by the side of the customers. They are dedicated in providing their customers with the complete lined setting of the value added and in the reasonable timeline of the products. It is indeed a highly motivated organization.  They make sure that they products are included with the best and advanced level of the technology mediums.  In terms of any sort of query or product inquiry you can get connected with their customers support center. Down here we will discuss Maximus HID Price in Pakistan.

Maximus HID Price in Pakistan

Best Maximus HID Price in Pakistan For Cars :

Now without wasting any time let’s discuss upon with the different Maximus HID Lights models in Pakistan for cars all along with their Maximus HID Price in Pakistan as well: Grab up the list!


Maximus 55w BallastRs. 1750
Maximus 200w Tubes 9005Rs. 1500
Maximus 55W Tubes H11Rs. 1000
Maximus 200w HID BallastRs. 3,500
Maximus LED HID Extreme VisionRs. 3,500
Maximus 55W Tubes 9005Rs. 1000
Maximus 200W Tubes H4Rs. 1,500
Maximus LED HID extreme VisionRs. 3,500
Maximus 200W Tubes H7Rs. 1,500
Maximus LED HID Extreme VisionRs. 3,500
Maximus 55W Tubes H4Rs. 1000
Maximus 200 W Tubes H1Rs. 1,500
Maximus 200W Tubes H11 8000KRs. 1,500
Maximus 200W D4 TubesRs. 2,000
Maximus 200W D2 TubesRs. 2000
Maximus LED HID Unique Extreme Vision H1Rs. 3,400
Maximus 200W Tubes H4 8000KRs. 1,500

We hope that this post would have make you learn better about the complete set of details on the list of different Mac Maximus HID Price in Pakistan for cars all along with their prices too. Find the one that suits your car functioning and working mode at the best.

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