Which Engine Oil is Best in Winter Season in Pakistan

We are here for Which Engine Oil is Best in Winter Season in Pakistan interesting details. Engine oil contains the pioneering significations in order to maintain the performance of a vehicle’s engine. But mostly Pakistani drivers are not well aware about how to choose best engine oil for their vehicle according to weather conditions. In this post I am conveying my best about which engine oil is best in winter season in Pakistan. Personally I have noticed that in Pakistan frequently people use to buy an engine oil which has suggest by a friend or a mechanic. Some of the famous engine oil brands in Pakistan are Shell, Caltex or Zic etc and we use any of these without knowing about its grade or viscosity rating. These are some technical rating or grades which is very easy to understand but have great importance to produce maximum power and mileage from your vehicle’s engine.

Which Engine Oil is Best in Winter Season in Pakistan

Which Engine Oil is Best in Winter Season in Pakistan

Types of Engine Oil:

Here I think before telling about the best engine oil for winters in Pakistan, you should be aware about the types of engine oil. So there are four (4) main types of engine oil;

  1. Fully Synthetic Oil:Used only after the recommendation by the mechanic. These are four time expensive then to a regular engine oil and only used in high tech engines. Full synthetic oil is provide good viscosity for any (low or high) temperatures
  2. Synthetic Blend Oil: This Oil is a chemical blend of synthetic and conventional oil. This is used in bigger and more heat producing engine like passengers busses and loading trucks.
  3. Premium Conventional Oil: These are regular engine oils we use in our cars and motor bikes according to their viscosity grades and lubrication ratio 5w-30, 10w-30, 10W-40 or so on….
  4. Conventional Oil: This the cheapest form of engine oil available in auto stores. Some drivers use this type of oil considering these are thinner and will be best for engine but actually it is not good for a quality vehicle.

How To Choose Engine Oil In Winter:

Now the question is which engine oil is best in winter season in Pakistan or you can say how to choose engine oil in winter. So in order to understand you have to understand about the oil grades of viscosity.


Next time when you go for buying an engine oil for next oil change you must see the bottle label. You will see the brand or company name and then a special code will be written in the form (5W-30 or 10W-40 or so on). This code is actually the viscosity grading of that oil.

In 5W-30 or 10w-40 the term “W” means the rate of maximum viscosity or flow of oil at low temperature. While the bit “30” or “40” means that the oil must fall within certain viscosity limits at 100°C. In simple words you can understand the viscosity as lower the number W, the thinner the oil or higher the W means thicker the oil. For example, the 5W-30 oil is thinner then to the 10W-40.

Recommendation For Winter Season:

Well before recommending you a best engine oil in winter season in Pakistan, I would tell you that you must be aware about the nature of your vehicle’s engine such as it got heat sooner or it is a good performance engine.

These days almost every engine oil is coming with Multi-grade or dual grade specifications; API and ACEA. CH4 and Cl4 are the latest and developed form of API engine oils and they are more suitable for a regular car engine in every season. While the ACEA engine oils are used for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and specified vehicles.

Hence, driver.pk recommends you to use low viscosity engine oil for your engine during winter season. The most recommended engine oil for winter is 5W-30 if your car is 5 to 8 years older or 10W-40 viscosity if your vehicle is newer or 2 to 4 years older. You can read these grades clearly mention on the bottle label. You can also ask by the shop holder or mechanic about this viscosity.

After Which Engine Oil is Best in Winter Season in Pakistan you can now purchase best oil for your car. Till here, I have told you most relevant information about which engine oil is best in winter season in Pakistan. Hoping this article will proves very helpful for you about to buy the best and most suitable engine oil according to the nature of your vehicle’s heating and fuel mileage.

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