Top Tips How to Save Your Car in Summer

Sun Heat

As the summer comes on with a vengeance, you will want to ensure that your car is ready for the scorching heat. As, summer’s heat, dust and stop and go traffic will take their toll on your vehicle. You can lessen the odds of mechanical failure through periodic maintenance.  Here we are providing the top tips to save your car in summer from sun heat.

Beat the Heat:

The first thing you should in the summer that you should maintain your vehicle cooling system properly in the summer. For this you should check the radiator and hoses for leaks or crakes. The reservoir level should be half full and if it is low, add coolant or antifreeze.

Air Conditioning:

Air conditioning is necessary in the summer. In the summer, marginally operating system may be failed in hot weather. You should examine your air conditioning system from the technician at the proper interval of time.

Top Tips How to Save Your Car in Summer

Check Your Brakes:

In the summer, the speed of the traffic remains fast. So you should check brakes of your car properly. Brake pads often suffer extreme thermal cycling-massive temperature changes due to the high heat of use meeting with freezing water or puddles. So brake should be maintained.

Save Your Car in Summer and From Sun Heat

Install New Wiper Blades:

Worn wiper blades effect badly even in light rain. In the binging of the summer, the old wiper blades are not contact with glass then you should change the new wiper blade to avoid any dangerous condition.

Top Tips How to Save Your Car in Summer

Change Oil:

 Oil is the life blood of any vehicle. Engine oil must be replaced at recommended intervals using the weight/viscosity of oil required by your vehicle’s owner manual. If the necessary, add the fresh oil.

Check Tyres Regularly:

Check the pressure and condition of tyres regularly. Before going to any journey you should check your spare as well and be sure that jack is in good condition.

Top Tips How to Save Your Car in Summer

Check Your Battery:

Battery can fail any time of year. The only accurate way to detect a week battery is with professional equipment. Check the cable connections and fluid level of battery. If the battery is getting week then you should replace it. It is very necessary when you are going to long journey.

Top Tips How to Save Your Car in Summer


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