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Top Tips for Preparing Your Car for the Winter

When the winter comes you must prepare your car for the winter as in the winter freezing rain, snow and sleet are quite a challenge for the drivers. It is essential because winter puts unusual demands on its parts and equipment. Failure o do so can result in a life threatening situation. In the winter vehicles and related parts can be susceptible to freezing temperatures, just as they are susceptible to very hot, dry temperatures. You can save yourself and your car by planning a head.  Here we are providing top tips for preparing your car for winter.

Top Tips for Preparing Your Car for the Winter

Check your Car:

Check your car before leave the exits place. Check that your car will handle the tough challenges it will face in snow areas. Is it suitable for the ongoing journey?

Car Battery:

Cold and damp weather is a battery killer. If your car has not been used for a period of time, the battery many need charging before you come to use.  Make surethat the level of water is rieght as indicated on the battery. You can test the battery yourself if you have the correct equipment. But it far easier to ask a specialist.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather


Coolant system that is not in the right proportion will lead to overheating due to freezing. You should ensure that coolant is between the minimum and maximum marks. It is also important that there is sufficient ant-freeze in the coolant.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather

Car Oil:

Your vehicle should be checked in oil sense. Change your oil vehicle oil in your manual more often if your driving is mostly stop and go or consists of frequent short trips. Oil and filter changes is the one of the most frequently neglected service.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather


Check tyres conditions to see if there is adequate tread. Look for damage such as splits or bulges and check the pressure. Tyres pressure especially important during winter as a properly inflated tyre will help batter traction in wet.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather

Wiper Blades and Screen Wash:

Check wiper blades for damage and replace if necessary. When wiper blades become frozen to glass it is very easy to damage them when freezing them up. Screen wash is also very important for winter. Not all screen wash is the same so look for the temperature it’s protect down.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather

Avoid the big freeze.

The coolant sued in today’s car is a mix of water and anti-freeze. The anti-freeze increased the temperature to boil, enabling our car to better handle the hot water, but perhaps more importantly it prevents our engine from freezing in the sort of cold condition your would expect to find in ski areas.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather

Convert from CNG to Petrol:

For cas with a CNG kit, it is suggested to replace the car to petrol when parking car for the night. CNG cars start with a lot of difficulty when the gas is cold. So it is benficail to switch to petrol when turning in for the night.

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather

  • Never mix radial tyres with other types of tires
  • Avoid using your parking brake to slow or stop
  • Do not use cruise control in wintery conditions
  • Look and steer in the direction you want to go
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly
  • Increase following distance to 8 to 10 seconds
  • Know whether you have antilock brakes, which will “pump” the brakes for you in a skid
  • If possible, don’t stop when going uphill
  • Keep your gas tank at least half-full
  • If you do get stranded, don’t try to push your vehicle out of snow
  • Signal distress with a brightly colored cloth tied to the antenna or in a rolled up window


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