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Tips for Maintaining Pain-free Posture When Driving a Car

Driving is a polite passive activity and there are many people driving the car in the worldwide, But they do not know about the tips for maintaining pain-free posture when they driving. When we are drive a car then your leg muscles, bones, neck, shoulders and Knees are paining. You can easily minimize the stress on your spine and neck pain when you are following the pain free driving tips. These tips will be especially helpful when you are going on a long trip.

Proper driving position can be help preventing accidents, improve safety should an accident occur and comfort driving. Mostly people want to use lumbar supports because their backs are collapsed, which can get the tips here. You can relax feel when you will follow these tips. We are providing the some tips for maintaining pain-free posture when driving a car.

Tips for Maintaining Pain-free Posture When Driving a Car

The Seat:

Always car seat should be Upper back rounded forward along with your bottom side all the way to the back of seat. Sitting this position will help you maintaining the natural curvature of spine and resultantly minimizing the stress during the driving.

The Base of Seat:

Adjust your seat bottom 5 degrees upward. Your knees should not touch the base of seat when you are setting the car. Keep your thigh in full contact with the seat base reclining, which make the comfort drive. Bottom seat should be adjustable and you can minimize the road vibration.

Knees position:

Move yourself slightly forward so as to minimize the knee-bending and tension on following this rule. Your knees should be bent at 120-135 degrees which fully help the press the clutch and accelerator to the floor. Keep your knees always slightly higher than your buttocks.

The Backrest:

Being a driver always face the back problems because this is a common side effect of long drive. The backrest of the car seat should be tilted back ever so slightly with approximately 10 degrees. This position provides the fully help when you accelerate, brake and corner. Slightly inclined posture position decrease the spinal stress owing to any vibration during the journey. You can also use a small pillow or roll up a scarf in the back side.

Seat to Pedal Distance:

Keep your knees bent around 45 degrees when you are driving a car and you do not require stretching your legs in the seat to pedal distance. You can fully extend the clutch pedal while maintaining a slight bend in the knee position.

The Arm Position:

When you are driving a car amount of stress transferred to your arms and shoulders. The best angle of your elbows is around of 20-30 degrees. If you want arm-rest then your hands keep in the 9 o’clock and the 3 o’ clock positions. When you are driving an adjustable steering wheel vehicle, you should have it in the mid to lower position. Steering wheel should be about a foot and a half away from the center of your chest.


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