How to get HTV and LTV Driving License in Pakistan

In any country, driving without a license could be labeled as a crime worthy of punishment. Over the years even the Pakistani government has made various efforts to enforce traffic laws in their country. A huge part of this involves proper licensing without any bias or prejudices. It is crucial for any country to have authorized drivers on their roads as many vehicles have been used in the acts of terrorism in the past few years and without adequate information it would be impossible to track these people down. Each city has a different traffic authority or institution that issues license to its respective residents. The capital city has a licensing body named Driving Licensing Authority (DLA) and it carries out all the licensing for then citizen of the twin cities.

How to get HTV and LTV Driving License in Pakistan

How to get HTV and LTV Driving License

Types of Licenses Available:

If you are a resident of Pakistan you can opt between a number of license types based on your needs and eligibility. The two basic kinds are as follows:

LTV License: If you’re intended on driving a light vehicle such as a car, a small van or a jeep you can go for a LTV license.

HTV License: If you want to drive heavy vehicles like big trucks, heavy agricultural machinery or buses you will need a HTV license to do so.

A learner license may also be acquired if you are a new driver and need some practice before applying.

How to apply for any Driver’s License:

Be it a LTV or HTV license, you will need to follow these basic steps to earn possession of them:

  1. A challan form must be paid and submitted to the selected branches of the bank specified on the official website or as told by the representative office.
  2. You must also be registered by NADRA and must possess a valid NIC to apply for a license and it must be submitted in a copy form to the license office along with the challan form receipt.
  3. You will be given a token when you hand over the particular documents necessary at the reception of the DLA office and will be seated in a waiting area until your turn.
  4. First of all your CNIC will be verified by the NADRA database and all your relevant details will be gained.
  5. Second you will have a medical test in which your eye sight, deafness along with other diseases will be assessed and a decision will be made on whether or not you are qualified to drive.
  6. Data is collected and photograph is taken to be placed on the license along with thumb impressions.
  7. A theory or written test is also conducted to test the knowledge of the applicants.
  8. Lastly a driving examination must be passed by driving through obstacles and controlling the vehicle properly.

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