How to get HTV Driving License in Pakistan

In any country, driving without a license could be labeled as a crime worthy of punishment. Over the years even the Pakistani government has made various efforts to enforce traffic laws in their country. A huge part of this involves proper licensing without any bias or prejudices. It is crucial for any country to have authorized drivers on their roads as many vehicles have been used in acts of terrorism in the past few years and without adequate information, it would be impossible to track these people down. Each city has a different traffic authority or institution that issues licences to its respective residents. The capital city has a licensing body named Driving Licensing Authority (DLA) and it carries out all the licensing for the citizens of the twin cities.

How to get HTV Driving License in Pakistan

If you are driving a Hevy vehicle then HTV lincence require otherwise traffic officer will charge a fine. So, thousands of people who are driving now are seeking how to get HTV Driving Lincense in Pakistan now all details are mentioned below.


  • CNIC Copy Require
  • 3 Passport size Photograph
  • Medical Certificate

How to get HTV and LTV Driving License

How to apply for HTV Driver’s License:

The massive strength of people who do not know how to apply online. Follow the below instructions and then apply.

  • If you are going to apply for an HTV license then firstly get the regular or LTV license.
  • After 3 years of regular driving license, you can apply for HTV.
  • Visit the nearest office of the traffic police where you are living.
  • Take the application form and apply.
  • Wait for the number because the official will issue a special number and date when an applicant will appear near the center and give the driving and written test.

Which documents are required for an HTV Driving license?

  • Application Form (A)
  • Original Learner Permit
  • Paste Relevant Ticket on the back of the documents.
  • Rs. 180 on STR Form has to be deposited in the branch after passing the test.

Traffic police change the rules and regulations and now they have introduced the online method for the purpose of driving licenses. On the other hand, people who have already made LTV driving license now they can apply for an HTV driving license. Further, if they issue a new press release regarding How to get HTV Driving License in Pakistan we will share it on this page.

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