Check Car Registration Online Vehicle Verification System in Pakistan Punjab


Punjab is the most populated province of Pakistan and the number of vehicles present in the area is uncountable. Although the amount of vehicle is abundant the Pakistani government had managed to keep track of almost all by proper registration into an online database. This data can be verified easily by accessing the official website and following a simple procedure. This is particularly helpful for those who are unable to verify any vehicle they are going to buy that is registered from any city other than their own. This could result in fraud and purchasing of an illegal product.

How to be safe?

Most stolen cars have changed name plates so that they could not be identified but these numbers mentioned on the respective name plate are not registered with the government database and will not show up if a search was carried out. Hence, when purchasing a second hand car, it is crucial to make sure that the vehicle is entered into the government system.

Check Car Registration Online Vehicle Verification System in Pakistan Punjab

Check Car Registration Online in Pakistan

The official website for the excise and taxation department of Punjab enables its users to authenticate any vehicle information. The link for vehicle verification is given on the homepage. Once clicked a new page open and a vehicle number is to be entered in the specified space. Upon entering the vehicle number, all the information of the vehicle appears on the screen. The following details are mentioned on the page:

  • Registration number
  • Chassis number
  • Engine number
  • Make name
  • Date of Registration
  • Vehicle price
  • Year of manufacture
  • Color
  • Token tax paid up to a particular time limit
  • The name of all the owners
  • City of the owner

How the key information is helpful?

This information can be very beneficial for tracking down any threats to security as well. Many terrorist have used vehicles in their attacks which could be reported and the identity of the attackers can be uncovered by using this verification system. Moreover, any criminal act involving vehicles can be sought out by noting down their vehicle number such as in case for a robbery. The online verification provides a wider horizon for the citizen of Pakistan to be part of the legal system of the country.

The verification system can also be used to keep oneself updated about the taxes to be paid and when do the token on their vehicle expire to avoid legal actions. All in all the Punjab Government has done a marvelous job by introducing this system and has made I extremely easy on their residents to access information.

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