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Best Mileage Japanese Car in Pakistan

Japan is known as one of the high-flying automobile maker country in the world. It is exporting its cars in all over the world as well as in Pakistan. These days when we come out on Pakistani roads we see mostly Japan import cars as compare to locally manufactured cars. There are numerous reasons behind the fame of a Japanese car in which; compact size, multifaceted features and specifications, affordable price and of course the fuel efficiency. So if you are also intending to have a Japanese import car then you are getting a list of the Best Mileage Japanese Car in Pakistan with specs, pics and price.

A car which is lower in displacement (cc) produces the maximum mileage per kilometer. Such as a 1000cc car is essentially 1.0 liters while a 660cc car is essentially .60 liter which is efficient fuel consumption. So this 660cc displacement is only available in Japanese car engines. This is the main reason behind the fame of an imported car because these are much fuel efficient cars in Pakistan. People just dislike to a Japanese car because of their spare parts shortage but now soon this hitch will also be modified. Below to this passage you are getting best fuel economy Japanese cars in Pakistan with pictures and specifications. So keep on reading…

Best Mileage Japanese Car in Pakistan

Best Mileage Japanese Car in Pakistan
Suzuki Alto New Model 2018

As I have written in the above passage that a 660cc car is best in mileage. So Suzuki Alto is the best one in this counting. This is a small hatchback 660cc car available in Pakistan. It is a manual 5 gear transmission car provides 18-20 Kilometer per Liter mileage.

Toyota Prius

If we talk about the best mileage Japanese sedan car in Pakistan then the name of Toyota Prius comes on the top of the list. It provides the best mileage with 26-28 km/Pl inside the town.

Suzuki Every

When we move towards a people mover van then the name of Suzuki Every comes on the top of the list about its fuel consumption. It is a 658cc car with 3 speed automatic transmissions. Although is a people mover professional van, but still it has won the title of the best mileage Japanese car in Pakistan with its 16 to 18 KMPL fuel mileage.

Daihatsu Move

When we are talking about the best fuel efficient Japan cars then we can never forget the Daihatsu Move new model 2018. It is a one of the best ever mileage provider car with 27-29 KMPL. It also has a 660cc 3 inline cylinder engine that produces 64hp that makes it perfect car for a family use.

Nissan Moco

Japanese oldest auto giants, Nissan has introduced its Moco 2018 model with all new specs and looks as well as it provides the best mileage inside the town. You can get 25 to 27 Kilo Meter per liter fuel consumption which is the best for a small hatchback car.   

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  1. Suzuki Every is a best commercial car About Mileage, Power, and Performance. (Thanks #Suzuki)

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