Honda CG 125 Deluxe Vs Ravi Piaggio 125 Comparison

Honda Company is launching and introducing the new model and invention of Motorcycle within the passage of time in every year. Now this company has been launched the new model 2015 of Honda CG 125 with a new look. This new model has best new shape and also has 125 cc 4-stroke engines. This new model has Carburetor fuel system and it power better than the other local bikes. Honda CG 125 new models have all functions and characteristics that you want in a motorcycle. This new model has slightly difference into his looks and shapes than the previous model and its fuel capacity is very good due to his strong engine therefore that is very suitable for long ride and difficult turns. The new model of Honda CG 125 has headlights brighter than the previous invention. Both wheels of this bike have been provided with suspension systems in order to keep the bumps and jolts away.  Honda CG 125 has comfortable seats if you want to go on journey with your wife and children then it is good for you and down we will discuss Honda CG 125 Deluxe Vs Ravi Piaggio 125 Comparison along with Price, Specification, Features, Design, Mileage etc

Honda CG 125 Deluxe Vs Ravi Piaggio 125 Comparison

Ravi PIAGGIO 125cc is on other new invention of Japan in the market of Motorcycle. This new model has been launched in market. This new model prepared with the help of new technology method. Ravi PIAGGIO 125 looks very beautiful due to his shape because it looks like heavy bike. Due to the modern technology this Motorcycle has self starting Motor which can start the bike automatic. The air cooling system of engine makes it easy to drive so therefore it less heat up during travels. Its handle made in beautiful shape with aluminum. Ravi PIGGIO 125 is less expensive than the Honda CG 125 but it has some various function it can travels many kilometers into one liter fuel due to the fuel capacity than the Honda CG 125. Ravi PIAGGIO 125 is comfortable for one person because it has not proper seat for two or three person.

Honda CG 125 Deluxe Vs Ravi Piaggio 125 Comparison

Specification Ravi PIAGGIO 125 Honda CG 125
Engine 4 stroke Single Cylinder over head valve, air cooled 4-stroke OHV Cooled by air
Power 125 125
Fuel System Carburetor good acceleration Carburetor Good acceleration
Gear 5 4
Brake 54.0(54.0mm) 56.5 (49.5mm)
Weight 112 kg 99 kg
Fuel Capacity 19 liters 48km on supreme/ 60km per liter on high octane
Sitting Capacity 2 3
Price 110,000 PKR 102,900



We assume that Honda CG 125 is better than the Ravi PIAGGIO 125 bike because Honda CG 125 is a family bike it has proper seat therefore 3 and 4 person can travels on this bike at once time if they have no connivance and in case of emergency. Honda CG 125 accept the weight of 3 and 4 person and no effect on its speed due to the strongest of engine and body but the Ravi PIAGGIO is only for bachelor because only one person can sit easily and drive this bike. This bike has not comfortable seat and also not affordable for weight of 3 person.

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