Honda CD 70 Vs Honda Pridor Comparison

Honda CD 70 is the most popular Selling Brand of Pakistan in the Motorcycle market because it the best invention among the other local and China’s Motorbike which are recently invented for the source of connivance to the people. Honda CD 70 is the most successful and strongest product because it is prepared by the super and spotless Japanese technology with an eye catching design. This bike has strong Engine and power capacity than the other bikes due the power full engine this bike average speed 80 to 100 meter and less expensive than the Honda Pridor. Honda CD covers 100 km distance in few liter Fuel therefore its oil capacity is better than the other bike. This bike has Comfortable seats for his owners 3 people can easily sit on the seats of Honda CD 70 and here we will discuss Honda CD 70 Vs Honda Pridor Comparison along with Price, Specification, Features, Mileage.

Honda CD 70 Vs Honda Pridor Comparison

Honda Company introduces the latest and new model or invention of Honda Motor Bike every year on the base of quality and new technology method. Now Honda Company invented the New Model of Honda Pridor which is the latest and cheapest invention of this company. Honda Pridor is the best choice for those people who have interested about the Honda Company. This bike has strong and power full engine but it is expensive than the Honda CD 70. It covers 60 kilometers distance into one liter fuel therefore it has better fuel capacity than the Honda CD 70. This bike has affordable price in Pakistan. Honda Pridor has beautiful shape and looks attractive than the Honda CD 70. It has comfortable seats for his owners.

Honda CD 70 Vs Honda Pridor Comparison

Specification Honda CD 70 Honda Pridor
Engine 4-stroke OHC single cylinder cooled by air 4-stroke OHC air cooled single cylinder
Power 70 to 80 100
Fuel System Carburetor Carburetor
Gear 4 4
Break 50.0(49.5)mm 50.0(49.5)mm-97.1
Weight 82 kg 96 kg
Fuel Capacity 8.5 liter 9.7 liter
Sitting Capacity 3 3
Price PKR 63,500 PKR 86,000


Those people who have needed for own Conveyance they are informed that they can purchase the Honda Pridor Motorcycle if they can afford. Because Honda Pridor is expensive than Honda CD 70 and has power full engine and body. People can travels on this bike with their family member like wife and 2 children easily. Students who go to colleges and universities and they sit 4 and 5 on one bike so therefore Honda CD 70 is best for them due to his strongest. Honda pridor is a new verity and invention of new technology Honda Company so therefore its purchasing demands increasing in the Motorcycle Market.

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