Honda CD 100 Vs Yamaha Junoon Comparison

Honda Company has been launched the New model of Motorcycle in year 2015 of Honda CD 100 euro 2 with affordable price. This new model has new features, specification and looks than the previous invention of Honda Motorcycles. People usually bought bike for their family and personal Conveyance so therefore here we introduced the latest invention which is becoming the apple of eyes each one new model Honda CD 100 euro 2. This motorbike is the most excellent possible travel partner on all sorts of journey. This new model has stylish head light, new carburetor and quick start system with stable acceleration.  Honda CD 100cc Euro II new model high strength and capability of the engine gives you a smooth drive over versatile terrains of bike. Top speed is 112 kph maximum. But when engine is mild and you’re driving down slope it go up to 121 kph. Honda Euro II is very smooth breaking, very less vibration and good road grip. This new model covers 60 kms in a liter but when driving fast it covers 48 kms. Honda CD 100 euro 2 has power full engine and comfortable seat and here we are going to discuss Honda CD 100 Vs Yamaha Junoon Comparison with Speed, Mileage, Specification, Features and other things.

Honda CD 100 Vs Yamaha Junoon Comparison

Now we introduce another new invention Yamaha Bikes which is prepared by the new technology method. Yamaha Junoon YD 100 is new model of Yamaha bikes this new model has good and beautiful shape then the Honda CD 100 euro 2 and also less expensive then Honda bikes. Its engine type is 4 stroke air cooled SOHC which is positive point because this type engine has provides guarantee of better ride and performing without emission of any kind of smoke so therefore this new model of Yamaha YD 100 generate no smoke while starting time. This new model of Yamaha bike has 4 speed transmission and better fuel reserve capacity. People can travels on this bike easily because it has comfortable and durable seat. This new invention has power full front light and along indicators and here down is Honda CD 100 Vs Yamaha Junoon.

Honda CD 100 Vs Yamaha Junoon Comparison

Specification Yamaha YD 100 Honda CD 100 euro 2
Engine 4 stroke air cooled SOHC 4 stroke air cooled SOHC
Power 100 100
Fuel System Carburetors Carburetors
Brake Better and strongest Better and strongest
Gear 4 4
Weight 99 kg 96 kg
Fuel Capacity 11 liters 12.2liter
Sitting Capacity 3 3
Price 72,000 80,500



We assume that Honda CD 100 euro 2 is better motorcycle then the Yamaha Junoon bike because Honda Bikes has strong engine and Body than other bike and have affordable costs it has life time guarantee for the machinery of Honda Bikes. Honda Company is most popular company then the Yamaha Company so therefore purchasing demand of Honda CD 100 euro 2 and other Honda Bikes increases than the other.

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