Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings of Warning Lights

Car dashboard symbols and warning lights are the indications about a particular function either working suitably or a problem has occurred in your car system. Each vehicle has a control panel but the signs and indications varies according to the maker and manufacturer. Now you can see complete details regarding Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings of Warning Lights. Here we are portraying those car dashboard symbols and meanings of warning lights, which are commonly found in Pakistani automobile market. Pakistan is in love with imported cars these days and we see different instrumental panel (IP) in each car which is confusing us. But now, you don’t have to get hazard even with these imported and latest cars dashboard symbols and warning lights.

Meaning of Car Warning Lights:

There is a big number of dashboard symbols in latest and cars but the colors of warning lights are 5 or 6 and their meaning is same every time.

  • Green Warning Light:Any symbols which is green, indicates about a function is correct and ready to use
  • Blue Warning Light: This color indicates that some function is on and working suitably
  • Yellow Warning Light: It tells the driver about some function is requiring service or repairing
  • Orange Warning Light: this color is sometimes work in place of yellow light, but the orange light the serious indication for visiting a car repairing shop or dealer
  • Red Warning Light: Red is always the sign of caution in mechanical or technical systems. So in car dashboard whenever the red light on or flashes, means something is getting wrong. It could be the low fuel warning, accidental alert, engine heating or something else according to which symbol is flashing red.

During driving test Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings of Warning Lights are most important testing part. So you for getting clearer out with these meaning of warning lights in a car dashboard you have to study the following symbols or sign.

Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings of Warning Lights

Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings of Warning Lights

Car Dashboard Symbols and Meaning:

As I have written in the top above passage that the control panels are different in different cars. We are trying to in-line all the symbols which are mostly found in latest or imported cars these days. Here one important thing which you have to keep in mind is, the above colors of warning lights will flash in the symbols below so keep them under the view.

Check Engine

Check Engine or Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) mostly founds in computerized system cars. It indicates that the car engine is engaged with Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC).

Battery/Charging Alert:

Whenever thebattery voltage level is below the average or the charging system is not working properly. Then the charging alert will be indicate as the showing symbols.

Door Ajar:

It’s a very common feature usually found in every vehicle. This feature tells that any of the car door is not closed properly or opened. It also tells the position of your bonnet and cargo door or hatchback doors.

Oil Pressure Warning:

When the engine oil is getting hotter than to the normal temperature or the pressuring over the deed then the indication will keep on flashing.

Lamp Out:

This function linked with the outer lights of the car. This sign indicates whenever any of the exterior light like head light, indicator, fog lamp or daytime running lights are not working properly or switch off.

Airbag Fault:

If your car has air bags by default but they get stuck or not in right position then the airbag fault light will be indicate which requires a professional repair.

Engine Temp Warning:

This is an important symbol in each car or vehicle which indicates thatthe engine temperature has overdid to the normal limits. In some recent models this symbols is also coming as the coolant engine warning that is a serious caution about to check the radiator or engines coolant fan or visit to the service center.

Oil Change Reminder:

This indication is actually an ECM warning which diagnosed after the interval can be mileage or combination of readings taken out by ECM.

Gas or CNG Cap:

If you are running a CNG or gas power in your car then the feature will be inserted in the dashboard. This signs in case that the gas cap or fuel cap is not tightened properly. It is a serious cause because result could be so hazard.

Cruise Control:

This is a latest feature and coming in mostly the Japan imported cars. It tells that cruise control is set while you are driving on the road.

ESP Fault:

These days the hybrid cars are coming with ESP options that indicates the vehicle’s traction control or you can also said it as anti-skid system is malfunctioned and requiring to visit a dealer for its solution.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System):

When the air pressure in car’s tire or tires is less then to the normal limit the TPM or tire pressure symbol will start flashing. You must check out the tire pressure and fill the air under the manual methods.

Brake System:

Brake System can flash out in three possible conditions; parking brake is on; problem with the braking system or ABS is involved with some problem like low fluid.

Glow Plug (Diesel):

This Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings of Warning Lights is only found in diesel engine vehicles. It indicates that the diesel plugins are warming up and car will not start until they completely done.

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