Honda Trigger 150 Price In Pakistan 2020 Specification Average Colors Features Top Speed

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter manufactured different bikes and here is the Honda Trigger 150 Price In Pakistan 2020. Honda 70cc, 125cc and 150cc bike model is very popular in Pakistan. Here will be talking about Honda Trigger 150cc new model 2020 price and different all features. Honda CB Trigger 150cc bike is giving four stroke engine capacity with best fuel average. If you want to get Honda CB Trigger bike then Honda Trigger 150 Price In Pakistan 2020 details are very important so read it. Honda CB Trigger Bike 150cc 2020 is giving 60 kilometer per liter. If you want to enjoy comfort bike ride then yes you can chose Honda CB Trigger 150cc bike new model 2020. You can purchase Honda Trigger 150 bike in Pakistan with a price of 130,000. In Pakistan Honda bike company’s quality is very popular yes here we are talking about Honda. Honda Bike Company is very popular in Pakistan and 70% market share is controlled by HONDA company.

Honda Trigger 150cc new model use bike price in Pakistan 2019

Honda Trigger 150 New model Specification Features Color

This is a reality that Honda Bike company 70cc, 100cc, 125cc and Honda Trigger 150cc demand is very high. Behind this popular Honda smooth drive, best engine output, road grip, stylish look, best breaks system, stylish headlights and colors are very popular. Honda Motorcycle company 150cc engine capacity bike model features and specifications are available on this page in table format. Honda Trigger 150 Price In Pakistan 2020 is 130,000 Pakistan currency amount. If you want to get Honda Trigger 150cc bike then this page is now giving very important information. Bike lovers keep in mind Honda Trigger 150 is giving sporty looks with reasonable price. Honda bike new model 150cc 2020 four stroke engine capacity is major reason regarding fuel average. Honda 150cc engine capacity road grip is giving comfort smooth drive so you can enjoy bike ride with comfort grip.Honda.

Trigger 150 Price In Pakistan 2020 = 130,000/:

The price of this bike in Pakistan is 130,000 as it gives an astonishing look as that of a heavy bike. Many youngsters have now a days love for heavy bikes as they give a sporty look and is preferred by people.

Trigger 150 Fuel Average In Pakistan 2020: 

The fuel average of this bike is very economic which is 60 Kmpl. According to the engine this fuel average is best.

Features of Honda Trigger 150 2020:

Below are some of the features of this bike as it is a highly modified bike launched by Honda customers are loving its extraordinary look and are visiting different dealers to get this bike.

Engine capacity 150cc
Company Name Honda
Class Standard
Top Speed 129 km with 80mph
Power 10.70 KW
Successor Honda CB Hornet 160R
Brakes Front brakes 240mm Disc and Rear 220mm Disc
Wheelbase 1,325 mm


Tires Tubeless Front 80/100-17
Dimensions L 2045 mm
Weight N/A
Transmission 5 Speed Constant Mesh

These were some of the feature of this bike especially for people who are interested to buy this bike. They must read its features here and can get this bike from different dealers nearby.

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