Honda CG 125 2020 Mileage Fuel Average Details in Pakistan

Honda is well known for bikes. Honda CG 125 2020 Mileage Fuel Average Details in Pakistan is given here. Latest model of Honda CG 125 Euro-2 fuel capacity and average on all Pakistan cities roads, village roads with and with out weight is available here. New launched models of Honda 125 mileage details with speed are also described. Honda has earned a great name in Pakistan because of its quality products.Honda Company has recently launched the Honda CG 125 Euro 2 in Pakistan.The latest model of Honda CG 125 Euro 2 gives great fuel economy. Honda CG 125 Euro 2 generates 11 horsepower with low fuel consumption and that’s why fuel consumption even on the tough roads is very low.Its fuel system is direct injection. Honda’s CG 125 Euro 2 fuel type is Petrol (Gasoline).

On stock/ Factory setting the mileage of the Honda CG 125 2020 is hardly 30-35 km/liter. Factory setting should not be change even 7000 km and after this bike can be readjusted and it will give the average of 45 km/liter. The mileage average is also depending upon the way that you drive; Fast driving is also the decrease the mileage.

Honda CG has tachometer with fuel gauge which indicates the remaining amount of the fuel which helps the riders to refill the fuel before the tank gets empty. Its average is about 45 km/liter which is very good and it has smokeless engine which helps to protect the environment. It is Honda’s first ever bike in Pakistan with 5 gear box.

Honda CG 125 New Model 2020

Honda CG 125 2020 Mileage Fuel Average Details in Pakistan

In the latest model Honda CG 125 Euro 2 has 12 volts battery instead of 6 volt which generates great fuel for lights and indicators. It also helps the easy starting. Honda CG 125 Euro 2 has stylish and comfortable seat for better riding. Its shocks decrease the vibration of the tough roads. It has stylish front and back light. Honda CG 125 Euro 2 is kick starter. Honda CG 125 Euro 2 has dashing sound because of its Euro 2 engine power.

Honda CG 125 2020 Improvements:

  • Euro 2 Technology
  • Improved Valve set and Tappet Assembly
  • Improved Rocker Arms and Came Assembly
  • Black colored silencer with chrome platted guard
  • New Graphics

Honda CG 125 2020 Key Features:

  • Comfortable Seat with Rear Grip
  • New Beautiful Petrol Tank with Graphics
  • Strong 4-Stroke Smoke less Engine
  • Stylish Speedometer with Economy Zone
  • Elegant Front Light
  • New Shape for Back Light
  • New tachometer with fuel gauge

Honda CG 125 2020 Specification:

The specifications of this bike are mentioned below:

  •    Engine:                                     4-stroke OH V air-cooled
  •    Displacement:                          125cc
  •    Starting:                                   Kick Starter
  •    Petrol Capacity:                       12 liters
  •    Dry Weight:                             99 KG
  •    Colors:                                     Red and Black
  •    Fuel Efficiency:                         50+KM/1L
  • Honda 125 is surely best to use in Pakistan.

Honda CG 125 2020 Mileage Fuel Average :

  • This bikes gives good fuel average if we see its engine.
  • Honda CG 125 Fuel Tank Capacity:  12 Liter
  • Average Fuel in Per Liter:  50+KM
  • Average with weight in Per Liter:  45+KM

This bike is widely used in Pakistan due to its great quality and fuel efficiency. Honda CG 125 2020 Mileage Fuel Average is surely best.

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