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China Bikes Top Selling Models in Pakistan

The prices of fuel and bikes are increasing day by day. The concept of fuel efficient and low prices bikes has been increased in Pakistan. In the modern era the demand of the Chinese bikes has increased due to low prices and fuel efficient. The leading Chinese produce bikes in Pakistan include 70cc, 100cc, 125cc and 150cc bikes.

Unique UD 100 2016 Price in Pakistan

Beside the leading bikes companies like the Honda , Suzuki and Yamaha bikes, now the Chinese bikes also is selling like the hot cake. Pakistan is developing country and major population can’t afford the heavy prices bikes so the Chinese bikes is substitute for them.

Ravi PIAGGIO STORM 125 2016 model

In the China bikes manufactured there are many leading companies like UNIQUE and Super Power. In the leading China bikes Unique bikes, Super Power bikes, United bikes and Eagle bikes. Another and leading newly companies like Ghani bikes, Zxmco bikes, Metro bikes, Hero bikes, Ravi bikes, Road Prince bikes and Osaka bikes.

Road Prince WeGo 150cc 2016 Model Red Color

The price list of the Chinese bikes is under:

Asia Hero Bike Prices

Asia Hero Bikes Prices Current Price
Asia Hero CDI 70 PKR 42,000
Asia Hero Deluxe 70cc PKR 50,000
Asia Hero 125 Bike PKR 65,000
Asia Hero 125cc Self Start PKR 70,000

BML Bike Prices

BML Bike Prices Current Price
BML 70 cc PKR 39,500
BML 100 cc PKR 48,500

Crown Bike Prices

Crown Bike Prices Current Price
Crown CRLF 70 PKR 42,500
Crown CRLF 70cc Euro ll PKR 44,500
Crown CRLF Spoke Wheel PKR 47,500
Crown CRLF Self Start 70cc PKR 50,000
Crown CRLF Deluxe 100cc PKR 52,500
Crown Jazba 70cc PKR 44,000
Crown CR 125 Euro II PKR 66,000

Eagle Bikes Prices

Eagle Bikes Prices Current Price
Eagle DG 70 Fire Bird PKR 39,000
Eagle Vicky 70cc PKR 37,500
Eagle Fire Bolt PKR 44,000

Habib Bikes Prices

Habib Bikes Prices Current Price
Habib HB 70 PKR 44,000

Hero Bikes Prices

Hero Bikes Prices Current Price
Hero RF 70 PKR 44,000
Hero 125cc PKR 70,000

Metro Bikes Prices

Metro Bikes Prices Current Price
Metro MR 70 PKR 39,500
Metro MR 70 Jeet PKR 39,500
Metro Boom Euro ll 70 PKR 39,500
Metro Dabang Euro ll 70 PKR 44,500
Metro MR-125 PKR 70,000

Osaka Bikes Prices

Osaka Bikes Prices Current Price
Osaka AF 70 PKR 42,500
Osaka AF70 Thunder PKR 47,000
Osaka AF 125 PKR 72,000

Pak Hero Bikes Prices

Pak Hero Bikes Prices Current Price
Pak Hero PK 70 PKR 38,000

Ravi Bikes Prices

Ravi Bikes Prices Current Price
Ravi Humsafar Plus PKR 39,000
Ravi Premium R1 PKR 43,000
Ravi Humsafar 70 PKR 39,000
Ravi PIAGGIO STORM 125 PKR 112,000

Road Prince Bikes Prices

Road Prince Bikes Prices Current Price
Road Prince RP 70 PKR 39,500
Road Prince RP 110 CC PKR 47,000
Road Prince Bullet PKR 44,000

Sohrab Bikes Prices

Sohrab Bike Prices Current Price
Sohrab JS 70 PKR 45,000

Super Asia Bikes Prices

Super Asia Bike Prices Current Price
Super Asia SA 70 PKR 43,000

Super Power Bikes Prices

Super Power Bikes Prices Current Price
Super Power SP-70 PKR 42,500
Super Power SP-125 PKR 75,000

Unique Bikes Prices

Unique Bike Prices Current Price
Unique UD 70 PKR 46,500
Unique UD 125cc PKR 72,500
Unique UD100 PKR 82,500

United Bikes Prices

United Bikes Prices Current Price
United US 70 PKR 42,000
United 100cc PKR 48,000
United UD 125 Euro II PKR 72,000

Zxmco Bike Prices

Zxmco Bike Prices Current Price
Zxmco ZX 70 PKR 42,000
Zxmco ZX 70CC Euro 2 PKR 44,000
Zxmco ZX 70 CC Thunder plus PKR 47,000
Zxmco ZX 100CC Power Max PKR 52,000
Zxmco ZX 100 CC Shahsawar PKR 55,000
Zxmco ZX 125 CC Euro 2 PKR 75,000


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