Asia Hero CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2022

Asia Hero motor company is well known and best-selling brand in Pakistan they are launching a new model of their CDI 70cc in the market. Asia Hero CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2022 is available here. Asia Hero CD 70 price in Pakistan with new model shape pics features specifications detail here. Asia hero is one of those bike producers that are in business for quite a time now. They have been bringing more and more wonderful designs to the market for people such as their very own Asia Hero CDI 70. This bike is one of their classy styles upgraded so that the laymen can enjoy them and have a way of their life made easy with their very own conveyance problem sorted out. The Asia Hero has brought many of their bikes that are completely reliable and durable especially when it comes to their use in Pakistan.

Asia Hero CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2022:

Asia Hero CD 70 Price 42,000 PKR

Asia Hero CD 70 is a famous bike due to its different specs and features. If we talk about the usage so every person is using this bike becasue this bike is fuel-efficient and provides a good average as compared to other bikes. Most important everyone but this bike becasue they are selling under 40 thousand rupees and if we talk about the honda CD 70 now they has reached 85 thousand further your can estimate.

Asia Hero 70cc Fuel Consumption

People want to get these types of bikes that give the good average so now Asia Hero 70ccc fuel consumption is very good and approximately they are giving the above 50KM under 1-liter petrol. So we suggest to the people you buy this bike and enjoy traveling.

Asia Hero CD70 Price in Pakistan 2022 New Model Specs Features Mileage Detail Pics Asia Hero CD70 Price in Pakistan 2022 New Model

  Asia Hero CD70 New Model Specification Features

Asia Hero CD 70cc Without Clutch

Nowadays people are searching for the Asia Hero CD 70cc without clutch because recently they have introduced the new bike without a clutch. Till now some people have already bought this bike while other people are searching as well as the version of this latest bike is limited becasue after few days they will be available on a broad level.

Asia Hero CD 70 Specification

There are a number of features of the bike under discussion that will make it totally a great bike to have in your use. The bike has:

  • Single cylinder 4 stroke engine, it is economic and good and tested for years of use. This engine is proven to be the one that has been durable for a long time.
  • The kick-starter system is renewed to a better one but still, it has held its classiness up till now.
  • With the petrol capacity of 10 L, it will never stop on the way to your longest of the journeys.
  • The displacement of the bike is 70cc and the dry weight of the bike is just 80 Kg that not only makes it stable on roads but also a perfect weight for the new drivers.
  • With a compression ratio of 8.7: 1, Asia Hero CDI 70 has proven itself worth every penny you spend on it.

Asia is the group of companies that has been providing the electronics for use of every person at very economical prices and the bikes are their specialty too. You can purchase the bike at the rate of PKR 42,000. The prices are very considerate keeping in mind that for laymen it is the best price to have a new bike at. With the great specifications and also the best setup, this bike is just picture perfect for all of the people who are willing to put in their hard-earned money onto buying a conveyance that really lasts longer.

Asia Hero CD 70 price in Pakistan for new model mentioned above here with complete specs and features detail. If you have any questions feel free and write us in the comments section below.

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