Ravi Humsafar 70 New Model 2017 Price in Pakistan Review Features Pics

Ravi Hamsafar 70 Price in Pakistan 2017 = 41,500/.

RAVI Hamsafar is a motorcycle company which is newly approved by the government of Pakistan. we would like to mention in first that the price of Ravi Hamsafar 70 motorcycle in Pakistan is Rs 42,500. It is certified by PSQCA as the 5th brand in Motorcycle Industry. Ravi new model ensures better reliability, stability and quality. It is based on Japanese technology which is 72cc, 4 stroke, and single cylinder and weighs almost 82kg.

Ravi’s 4 stroke 72cc engine has made a benchmark in mileage with mile coverage of 70km per liter. The compression ratio of Ravi 70cc is 8.1:1, maximum Horse Power is 7.0 PS @ 6500 rpm that is able to produce 5.4 N.M @ 6500 rpm torque. The Transmission rate is 4 speed constant mesh with all gears forward. The bike can store almost 9.5 liters of petrol on the stylishly designed tanker. The bike has to be started with the kick that uses capacitor discharge ignition system.

The suspension of the bike is highly fixed and comfortable with coil springs Telescopic Hydraulic Forks in front and double acting hydraulic shock absorbers, with coil springs at rear gives really a smooth drive. The Speed-o-meter is stylish and colorful with sleek design. The headlights and indicators are equally smart with crystal lights.

The overall impression is excellent. Every year, RAVI Hamsafar introduce so many motorcycle models for the customers. Recently, RAVI Hamsafar has introduced another motorcycle model names as Ravi Hamsafar 70. This model of motorcycle has incredible and latest features. We would like to mention that the suspension of this motorcycle is highly fixed and it is very comfortable with coil springs. In this post, we will discuss the important specifications and price of Ravi Hamsafar 70.Ravi Humsafar 70 Price in Pakistan mention above in post.

Ravi Humsafar 70 New Model 2017 Pics

Ravi Humsafar 2014 Model Shape Style
Ravi Humsafar 70 Style Look

Ravi Humsafar 70 New Model 2014 Height Weight
Ravi Humsafar 70 Style Height Ravi Humsafar 70 New Model 2014 Price in Pakistan Features Specs Pics
Ravi Humsafar 2017 Shape Look Ravi Humsafar 70 New Model 2014 look back side   Ravi Humsafar 2017 Comfortable Look

Ravi Hamsafar 70 Features & Specifications:-

  • The most important specification of Ravi Hamsafar 70 is that it has 4 stroke, single cylinder and air cooled.
  • The second important specification is that it has kick starter system along with 72cc economical engine.
  • Another important specification is that Ravi Hamsafar 70 is that it has 4 speed transmission system.
  • Moreover, Ravi Hamsafar 70 has the fuel tank capacity of 9.5L.
  • Furthermore, this advance motorcycle has comfortable seat along with elegant front as well as back light.
  • Lastly, Ravi Hamsafar 70 is available in many colors such as red, black, gray and blue.

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